Meet the Board

July 13 & 14, 2019

Our board members are the ones who keep this event running every year. They organize the events, gather the donations and connect with the community to make sure your Two-Day Fishing Excursion is as fun as it can be! They deserve a round of applause for their hard efforts!

Board of Directors

Todd Sweeney, Chairman
Todd has been a regular for many years. Usually found in the kitchen providing great meals for a few hundred people. In 2014 he stepped up to take on the responsibility of General Chair and what a great job he has done!

Jim Bakken, Grounds
Jim served in the background for several years. When the National Guard was no longer able to attend our Event Jim came to the rescue. He recruited Madison Fire Fighters Local #311. They put up and take down our ambulatory dock and provide some of the boat loading manpower. Jim is also responsible for loading participants on the pontoon dock.

Debbie Bongard, Medical Boats, EMT
Debbie has also been with us since the very first event. She leads our crew of EMT’s who have kept us safe on the water every year. These great volunteers were very visible 2016, sporting their new bright orange water medic shirts.

Josh Brendler, Radios
Josh is in charge of the 2-way radio / communication system that makes it possible to keep in touch with all volunteers, where ever they may be.

Jenny Brendler, Website & Social Media
Jenny joined our board in 2014. She is responsible for development of the Madison Chapter’s Website and Social Media. Please check out our Facebook  page!

Laurie Burckhardt, Boats
Laurie and her family have helped with FHNB for many years. She has the difficult task of procuring and organizing the boats, which are so critical to our Event. Laurie works closely with our participant registrant to ensure we have enough boats to give participants a good experience on the water.

Marvin Cutrell, Bait
Marvin has been a regular at the Event for many years. He is the contact with our bait supplier Gollon Bait & Fish Farms. He coordinates volunteers to bring bait, water & ice to the docks. His daughter (Dawn), wife (Mary) & grandsons work both days of the Event.

Dawn Cutrell, Bait
Dawn is Marv’s daughter, and has joined as his protege. Fishing Has No Boundaries is a family, and we’re happy to have Dawn to shadow Marv and learn from him.

Pat Holzem, Treasurer
Pat has not been seen on the dock for the past few years but he continues to serve as treasurer for our chapter. He keeps our books in perfect condition and handles the annual report to National.

Heather Horn
Heather is an employee of Governor Nelson State Park, joined our board in 2016 as an assistant to boat chairman Laurie Burckhardt.

Joann Jansen, Corresponding Secretary
Joann has been active in many capacities since her husband Bill started the Madison chapter all those years ago. Her primary job at this time is to write the semi-annual newsletter and assist with the bi-monthly e-newsletter. Subscribe to start receiving the newsletter!

Tina Smith, EMT
As an assistant to Debbie Bongard, Tina has joined the Board in early 2017 to ensure FHNB is a safe event on land and water.

Jimmy Stewart, Donations Coordinator
Jimmy joined the Board in late 2016 as a fundraising assistant and grant writer. Funds raised help the Madison Chapter keep participant fees down for the fisherfolk.

Mary Sweeney, Food
Mary and many of her family and friends have been the crew that provides meals for over 200 people for the last many years. Mary agreed to join the board when her husband, Todd, became busy as the newly appointed Chairperson in 2014. This was really providing a title to what she had been doing for many of the past years.

Jim Valley, Equipment
Jim is in charge of equipment but handles many other jobs throughout the year. This is also a family event for the Valley’s.

Cindy Watson, Communications Secretary & Volunteer Coordinator
Cindy joined us in 2015 as Secretary and volunteer coordinator.   She attends meetings each month, keeps minutes and takes on an increasing number of responsibilities.

Jane Wendricks, Participant Registration
Jane is the lady handling participant registration. As Bernie’s wife she was just naturally drawn into helping with FHNB. She is now in charge of the most important component of our Event, our Anglers with Disabilities. Jane works from February until the days of the Event to meet the special needs of our participants.

In Memory Of Bernie Wendricks
Co-Chairman Bernie Wendricks had been with our event every year through the 2016 event as the Grounds coordinator and Co-Chairman, and he had the t-shirt collection to prove it. On January 20, 2017 Bernie left this world after celebrating his 80th birthday. This beautiful obituary shares a little more about his life and amazing accomplishments. He is so very missed. Rest In Peace, Sarge.